Mar 21, 2023Liked by Jonathan Neeley

This piece really resonates with me and my valuation of myself (mathematically for me it is (take years of playing competitively) + training (sprints, weights) + practice (time away from partner family) * # national appearances = self perception as a player). Great piece Neeley.

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It's interesting to hear you break it down as an equation. I definitely see what you mean. Like, if I check all these boxes, and I assume that each box has X effect, shouldn't there be some logical sum that I amount to?

I'm curious: do you carry that self-perception with you as fact? Or is it something you see happening but also look beyond?

Personally, I've found self worth to live beyond pure rationale. That said, I do think there are logical lines we can draw to seeing ourselves as the lovely and worthy beings that we are; stay tuned for a piece that I'll publish soon that dives into the practical side of this a little bit.

I'm glad you're here, Dana! As I've published more and more, I've really loved reconnecting with folks I know from way back. Please don't be a stranger.

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