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Proudly flaunting my subscription receipt like it's a 5-digit UPA number. Love your writing, Neeley, and congratulations on reaching this milestone.

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Never subscribed to something quicker! Jonathan writes beautifully and each post offers insight on how to ride the emotional rollercoaster that is life. Highly recommend!

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i love this next step! i'm consistently in awe of Neeley's emotional depth and incisive writing. this new evolution of paid subs makes sense, Neeley gives so much of himself to his work and is always empowering others to find their truth through writing. i find myself drawn to the specificity of his prose and how the more nuanced moments draw connections to my own life. his newsletter is a breath of fresh air to my inbox and cannot wait to see how paid subscribers unlocks a new level to the experience. it's a big dream that has purpose and i look forward to what's next!

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What a gift that we have access to Jonathan's thoughts in this way. He has taken the time to think about his story, to encourage others to do so, and by doing so allowing us all to consider how we show up and move through the world. I don't always find that process easy, but I'm grateful that there's someone like Jonathan out there who puts in this work and is able to convey it in such a beautiful and relatable manner.

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Congratulations on taking this step, Jonathan. Your writing moves me and I appreciate how deep you are willing to take it. I am very glad to see how your gifts are touching more and more people. You're doing important work and I'm happy to get to follow your journey.

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In a world full of opportunities to spend money frivolously - investing in Jonathan's writing is an easy choice. Bottom line - the world needs his voice. As an athlete, man, husband and dog lover - his insights bring heartfelt honesty to a discordant world. I am proud to know him and honored to help fill his dance card with my subscription. (I also highly recommend his writing classes!)

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Hi there! I'm relatively new to Substack, but I LOVE birds and I love sharing fun facts about them.

If you have the time, please check out my blog and give me a follow or share! :)

Thanks in advance! <3

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Absolutely, though I am a bit of wood, a palm tree down here in the tropical/volcanic wilderness ....

Hi, Spirit, its energy is everything, like the Bible that is linked to everything we know or not. Our future has been written by our past!

How about hitting it off hot and hard?

"Order, order in the kangaroo court! How do you plead, dear biatches in frozen heat? Guilty? Not guilty, We got hairy legs and everything! I knew you would say that! Guilty! No court is adjourned!!

I gave it all, maybe not the best performance, but at least I tried ....




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Jonathan why are your subscribers giving testimonials here and not just speaking to you directly?

It's wonderful that your work resonates with others, has deep meaning. And if you can find a way to financially support yourself doing what you love, that is also wonderful.

But this idea of the birds and the bees sits uncomfortably with me. I personally write for myself and sometimes I am gifted a very sweet sincere response from someone who wants nothing in return.

I've written my whole life. Have only shared my work these past three years as a way to stay sane and have a voice. But writing saves me, has always saved me. And now has given me a vehicle where I can play and be creative.

If I offer it to the world that is my gift. I do not give to receive.

If I walk out into the world from a loving place towards strangers, that is my choice. There is giving and receiving coming from that place. A full loop.

If I send a stranger a poem I recorded. I hope only that I am offering solace. The solace I find in reading a beautiful poem of another. And possibly the solace of my voice.

There is a push here that makes me uncomfortable.

I hope you can hear my words.

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These beautiful nuggets that hit my inbox are a GIFT! Jonathan’s stories and writings are like an old friend who texts me randomly to reminisce or tell a story, or just say hi. Thanks for sharing as always!

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