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From I'll Push You: “Childhood experiences won’t be taken away, but the power those experiences have over [you] is being transferred into [your] hands.”

Sorry to know you're in the sucky-dad club. From what little I know of you, your own children will not be able to say the same. You're taking your pain, your lessons and acquired wisdom to break the cycle and give them the dad you wished you'd had. Good for you.

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The ancestral pain that "doesn't distinguish between giver and recipient."

I'm so glad to see you addressing anger, rage, shame and grief - while also taking a hard look at the hard work of compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Looking forward to reading more.

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I had the pleasure of meeting you at Crossroads o Friday. This is a wonderful piece with cadence and tone that sweep you threw its words.

More, please.

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