Hi there. I’m Jonathan Neeley, a writer and writing teacher who lives in Richmond, Virginia.

I see my purpose in this life as two-fold: to heal and to support others in their healing. Writing is how I do the former, and publishing is how I hope to do the latter.

On one hand, my words center on my journey to peace after growing up under a parent who didn’t have what he needed to take care of himself or his children. On another, they speak to my understanding of myself as a link in a chain of pain that runs through generations of ancestors.

Here on Substack, I’m writing the first draft of a memoir about all that. For example:

I share other little slices of consciousness here and there, too, like these:

The overall idea is to paint a picture of trauma, the act of letting trauma go, and the deep love that’s waiting on the other side. This is among the best offerings I know to make to a world that is hurting.

Though our specifics likely differ, I hope you find a mirror somewhere in my sentences. When you do, I pray that it serves you well.

Please subscribe and stay around a while. See what you think. More importantly, see what you feel.

Much love,


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My story of understanding, caring for, and releasing trauma.